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About St. Patrick's, Woodingdean

A History of St. Patrick's

(Compiled by Don Young)

In the late 1950's the mass centre for Catholics in Woodingdean was the main hall of the Fitzherbert School (now the site of the Nuffield Hospital). A priest from St. John the Baptist Church Kemp Town supplied us. 

The first priest Father Quinn was appointed. St. Patrick's Parish was formed and also a council chaired by Nick Moore.

It was necessary to raise funds for the church and the Woodingdean Carnival came into being run by our committee. We had plans for a church in Kipling Avenue about 1963 but the land was required for housing.

Negotiations were started for the now disused Church of the Resurrection on Broad Green. We took over the church. Father Quinn left for a holiday in Ireland but met with a tragic road accident and never set foot in his newly acquired church. May he rest in peace.

Father Mulvey, our replacement priest, arrived. We refurbished the church now to be St. Patrick's Church with many willing helpers.

The first mass in our church was 8th December 1969. We celebrated our Silver Jubilee Anniversary Mass in December 1994.

We have added over the years a Priest's house (built in 1971), a car park and garage, a large Sanctuary to the south side and parish rooms, kitchen and toilets to the north side. The original building is only recognisable by the front entrance.


St. Patrick's Catholic Church

The Church can be found opposite 

Cowley Road shops, Broad Green, 

Woodingdean BN2 6TB

Please see the map at the bottom of this page.

Past Priest's of St. Patrick's

1963-1969 Father Quinn died on holiday RIP

1969-1974 Father Mulvey moved to another parish and has since died. RIP

1974-1982 Father Geoghan was with us for quite a few years until he retired and has since died RIP

1982-1986 Father Haynes was also a Prison Chaplain at Lewes and organised parish walks.

1986-1992 Father Scott became a Monseigneur and then move to Bishops House

1992-2001 Father Steen was with us until he retired. Unfortunately there has been no replacement priest available.

However we are now into a new era where a group of parishioners can run their own church. So with the blessing of the Bishop we reorganised under the care of Father Charles, from Our Lady of Lourdes Rottingdean, he has since retired 2003

2003-2014 Father Graham Ricketts, of Our lady of Lourdes. We are a thriving and active community dedicated to maintaining the life and spirit of St. Patrick's Church.

2014 -2017 Fr. Kevin O'Donnell

2018 - 2022 Mgr Benny O'Shea

2022 - Fr Maksym Krat

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