Our Lady of Lourdes,

Rottingdean and St. Patrick's, Woodingdean

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Thank you for your interest in the Roman Catholic parish of 

Our Lady of Lourdes, Rottingdean and St. Patrick's, Woodingdean.

Eastfield, Steyning Road, Rottingdean BN2 7GA Tel: 01273 302903

The Parish is part of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton 

Diocesan Trust Registered Charity No.252878


Priest: Fr. Kevin O'Donnell  07538 954200 

Fr. Kevin's Email: [email protected]         


Deacon: Rev. Neil Mercer  07801 706167

Parish Office Email: [email protected]


Also resident: Fr Douglas Perkins & Canon Oliver Heaney 

Mass Times

Our Lady of Lourdes   Saturday - 6.30pm,  Sunday - 10.30am

St. Patrick's                  Sunday - 9.00am

Weekday Masses          Monday & Thursday - 10.00am - Convent

                                      Tuesday, Friday, Saturday - 10.00am - Our Lady of Lourdes

                                       Wednesday - 9.30am - Our Lady of Lourdes

Mass at St. Patrick's - 2nd Wednesday of each month - 12.00pm

                         Any changes to times of Masses will be published in the weekly newsletter




Children at Mass

Church Bugs Every Wednesday 9.30am

CHURCH BUGS is on hold for the time being. Ordinary Masses will be at 9.30am on Wednesdays. We hope
to have a pre-Christmas Bugs soon.

The initial ‘Church Bugs’ Mother and Toddlers focussed mass worked very well . Several people said the atmosphere was wonderful and welcoming. One mother commented ‘Beautiful!’.

The photo shows the Story Time in action after the Gospel. ‘Church Bugs’ masses will begin again in September.

Everyone is very welcome, any age from 0-100!

Children’s Activity Bags – there are a dozen of these as you enter the Church to help keep young children busy during mass, but with spiritual activities – things to colour, small books of stories and prayers and knitted rosaries, Colouring sheets can be taken home but please replace the bags as you leave church.